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As a top farm that prioritizes customers’ satisfaction, we produce and sell high quality agricultural produces which are 100% healthy and ready for consumption.

Live Chicken

We rear and sell various breeds of healthy chicken.

Chicken Eggs

Get various sizes of eggs for both wholesales and retail.


We also sell live and smoked fishes of various sizes.


Get your tasty cashews and cashew nuts at great prices.

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Our Story

We Supply The Best Agricultural Produce

Over the years, we’ve been known nationwide for our top agricultural produces. We mainly produce and sell live chickens of various breeds, Eggs of different sizes, Live & smoked fishes and Cashew fruit – all of which are great for consumption.

Being trusted by thousands of happy customers all over the world, we consider ourselves a great choice to get your healthy and affordable agricultural produces.


All our produces are 100% chemical-free.

Fresh & Healthy

We are known for selling healthy produces.

100% Organic

All our produces are completely natural.

Our Story

What People Say
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rogba farms testimonial
The Kernel Out-Turn Ratio (KOR) of their cashew nuts are 49 and above. That is premium quality right there!! World class! Highly recommended!
Laide Akintobi
rogba farms testimonial
I recommend products from Rogba Integrated Farms all the time! Especially if you are looking for farm fresh produces without chemical contaminations. Best pert is that their prices are so affordable.
Paul Onose
rogba farms testimonial
Rogba only deliver the best of the best products available. A trusted brand they have built
Margaret Suzanne